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30 May



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29 May

最近一些事一直在忙,没能抽出时间来更新和修正,这些天终于开工了,希望大家继续支持。。原来的空间服务到期了,换了个blog系统wordpress,新换了个空间,这是国外的小vps,以后我个人会一直用 这个域名,原来moshs,有其它用途。。。


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Wireless Keyboard Indicator v3.0

29 May


The Wireless Keyboard Indicator is a program which stays in your Windows system tray and displays “Caps Lock”, “Num Lock” and “Scroll Lock” status, allows you to switch key status, plays a sound when the key status changed and any more.

download Url:


Wireless Keyboard Indicator v3.0


This version have a great change,enjoy it:

Volume Control: Move mouse over windows taskbar, turn the mouse whell, you will see it.

Smart Tip: Press Ctrl key one second, a tip image will show up.

Option menu

Location: Where to show the tip on your screen.

Icon style: You can choose the Icon style

Sound Tips: Turn on/off sound notification

Screen Tips: Turn on/off screen tips

Auto Strat: Turn on/off auto start

Volume Control: Turn on/off volume control

Ctrl Key tip: Turn on/off smart tip (Right Ctrl Key)

Notice: If you want use custom image tips, please create a “skin” folder inside current folder and name the six tip pictures to be 0.bmp 1.bmp ….5.bmp,if you have nice pictures, please mail to me, I probably can use it as well.

If you have any suggestion, plese let me know,thx.


KeyboardIndicator is freeware…

You can Contact me at:

Suit 220, Building 2, 969 South Zhongshan No.2 Road, Shanghai, China